Animation Tools

Maya Tools

These tools and rigs were created to ease art and animation production on the various projects developed by my indie studio, Panic Volcanic.

comptab02-60x60Marigold (link)
Collection of animation and rigging tools.
python_batch_tool_thBatch Process Tool (link)
Technically not a Maya tool. This batch process tool is a stand alone Python program for Windows.
maya_export_tool_thExport Tool (link)
A robust GUI for managing exports inside Maya. Focused on animation.
maya_rig_animation_tool-60x60Animation Tools (link)
Collection of animation and rigging tools.
maya_rig_thGladiator Rig (link)
Gladiator mouse! One of the early characters for our first game pitch.
facerig_controlsFace Rig (link)
FaceFX driven facial rig.

XSI Tools

My philosophy for tool development is to think of the tool as a game and the user its player. If a game is confusing or frustrating, the user will walk away. The same applies to tech art. This means making it reliable, easy to use and unobtrusive. I created these tools during my seven years as Lead Animator on the Mercenaries team. They evolved over the years as project and animation team requirements changed. During this time, the tools went from serving a single team’s needs to multiple teams. The examples below are the final versions of each tool.

builders_60XSI Rig (link)
Rig builder created for Mercenaries 3 and Mercenaries Inc.
netview_60XSI Rig Animation Tool (link)
Primary tool used with the above rig.
animationexporter_60XSI Animation Export Tool (link)
A robust GUI for managing exports through XSI.