Custom Nodes

node proto

Node Editor Prototype

Last week while at Siggraph I attended a talk that mentioned ILM’s BlockParty. This is their internally developed modular rigging system. Modular rigging is an old idea, one I’ve been using for over a decade now, but the difference with BlockParty is how they chose to visualize the modules. They...

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Component Node


Been a while since my last update. A fair bit of my time has been spent on a couple unrelated projects, but now I’m back to work on marigold! During my time away I thought a lot about the approach I was taking for building the rigging. I concluded...

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Module made of bits.

Makin’ Bits

Last week I showed the module portion of my rigging system. This week I’m going to cover the tools I’m developing to build these modules. I’ve also revamped the visuals of the modules and will show that as well. Bits! Each module is made up of bits. These guys...

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