Manipulating Objects , Part 1

I’ve decided to do a series of posts, probably 7-8, focused on using Maya’s API to manipulate objects. I’ll cover a broad range of topics starting with getting the components of a poly shape and ending with animation. My hope is that this helps other Technical artists understand Maya’s...

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Getting Shape Nodes

How do we get an object’s shape node through the API? If you can get the MDagPath of the object then you can get the shape node. MDagPath has a member function called extendToShapeDirectlyBelow. This function works on a dag path that ends in a kTransform node. In the...

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Selecting Objects

Today I’ll show how to use Maya’s API to select objects based on their type. So you want to select an object based on its type? The first thing to look at is how to iterate over dag nodes. This is best done with MItDag. MItDag takes two arguments. The...

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