MPlugs: Create Plug

With this post I’m going back to a topic I touched on briefly a couple months ago – MPlugs. In this installment I’ll be covering how to create MPlugs on an existing node. First we need a node to work with. So lets make a polygon sphere. [crayon-603df8c3c58a0444873185/] Now...

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User Defined Colors

Maya has a feature called User Defined Colors which I’ve found handy for rigging. Basically they are eight colors definable by the user. They are used for nothing in Maya leaving them available for whatever you might need. Typically these colors are set via the Color Settings window, but...

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Cleaning PYC Files

When I first started writing Python scripts for Maya I ran into a problem where changes to scripts weren’t making their way into Maya. A little sleuthing uncovered the cause – PYC files, Python compiled file. What happens is Maya creates a PYC file for a script when that...

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