Rigging UI

Component Rigging UI

My rigging tool has been progressing at a good pace recently. The most obvious improvement came to the UI. Previously I used the basic Maya window stuff, but I’ve now switched everything over to PySide QT. I did this because QT is easier to use, more flexible and jives...

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Module made of bits.

Makin’ Bits

Last week I showed the module portion of my rigging system. This week I’m going to cover the tools I’m developing to build these modules. I’ve also revamped the visuals of the modules and will show that as well. Bits! Each module is made up of bits. These guys...

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Friday Update

It’s Friday and I have a new video to post. I’m thinking this will be my scheduled post day moving forward. Basically I’ll do one week sprints to get something cool to show every Friday. This week I bounced around between muscle deformation, which I posted about the other...

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