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Node Editor Prototype

Last week while at Siggraph I attended a talk that mentioned ILM’s BlockParty. This is their internally developed modular rigging system. Modular rigging is an old idea, one I’ve been using for over a decade now, but the difference with BlockParty is how they chose to visualize the modules. They...

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PySide: More ScriptJobs

Previously I showed how to add a ScriptJob to a PySide QDialog. This time I’m going to extend that concept. We’re going to make a window that has a combo menu which dynamically loads QWidgets, one of which creates a ScriptJob. That’s the basic functionality, but there is one...

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PySide: Using ScriptJobs

ScriptJobs are something I use from time-to-time and I thought I would show a couple examples of how I use them with PySide interfaces. First up, a single UI window that creates a ScriptJob and then deletes it upon closing.  The ScriptJob in this case sets the text of a...

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