node proto

Node Editor Prototype

Last week while at Siggraph I attended a talk that mentioned ILM’s BlockParty. This is their internally developed modular rigging system. Modular rigging is an old idea, one I’ve been using for over a decade now, but the difference with BlockParty is how they chose to visualize the modules. They...

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Over the last two days I’ve been running my rigging system through more rigorous testing. I started by downloading the Doom asset model from Valve’s Dota2 Workshop page, a great resource of cool characters for animators/riggers. Since the Maya assets provided already have skeletons and skinning,  all I needed...

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Rigging UI

Component Rigging UI

My rigging tool has been progressing at a good pace recently. The most obvious improvement came to the UI. Previously I used the basic Maya window stuff, but I’ve now switched everything over to PySide QT. I did this because QT is easier to use, more flexible and jives...

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