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Getting Shape Nodes

How do we get an object’s shape node through the API?

If you can get the MDagPath of the object then you can get the shape node. MDagPath has a member function called extendToShapeDirectlyBelow. This function works on a dag path that ends in a kTransform node. In the example below I create a polySphere and get it’s MDagPath. This path ends in a kTransform so we can use extendToShapeDirectlyBelow() to grab the shape node. All we do is give it an index to the shape node we want. Since our poly sphere only has one shape the index will be zero (0). Doing this changes┬áthe original MDagPath to point at the sphere’s kMesh(shape) node instead of it’s kTransform node. At this point anything you do with the dag path will affect the shape node.

Next time I’ll cover object’s with multiple shape nodes and how to retrieve those shapes. This will make use of MScriptUtil.