node proto

Node Editor Prototype

Last week while at Siggraph I attended a talk that mentioned ILM’s BlockParty. This is their internally developed modular rigging system. Modular rigging is an old idea, one I’ve been using for over a decade now, but the difference with BlockParty is how they chose to visualize the modules. They use a node layout similar to Maya’s Node Editor. Each node containing some visual queue as to what it is (usually an icon). This is a clever way to handle presenting and accessing a modular rigs data. Needless to say by the end of the talk I had a couple pages of notes outline how I could create my own version in Maya.

On my first Sunday back from Siggraph I spent a few hours throwing together a quick prototype. Below is a short video showing the UI in action followed by the entire source code. Please keep in mind this is a proof of concept. It is buggy and missing a lot of functionality.