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Node Editor Prototype

Last week while at Siggraph I attended a talk that mentioned ILM’s BlockParty. This is their internally developed modular rigging system. Modular rigging is an old idea, one I’ve been using for over a decade now, but the difference with BlockParty is how they chose to visualize the modules. They...

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Manipulating Objects, Part 3

We’ve covered getting geometry data from an existing object and building a new object from raw data. Now we’ll start looking at non-geometry related elements of a polygon object. Continue using the cube example from the previous parts in this series lets see how to get its UV information. Start...

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Manipulating Objects, Part 2

Last time I covered using the API to get component information about a polyShape. This time we’ll use the API to create a new polyShape cube. Start by creating an instance of MFnMesh. This is the class we’ll use to create the cube. Specifically the create() function which has a few...

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