Cleaning PYC Files

When I first started writing Python scripts for Maya I ran into a problem where changes to scripts weren’t making their way into Maya. A little sleuthing uncovered the cause – PYC files, Python compiled file. What happens is Maya creates a PYC file for a script when that...

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As my Python modules grew in number and complexity I found myself wanting code autocomplete. I also wanted the predefined completion (pypredef)¬†files to be generated automatically. Here’s what I did. I started by creating a function that converts a string into an imported module. The string would be the...

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Eclipse Port

Like most who use Python with Maya my primary IDE is Eclipse. There are plenty of other sites that have step-by-step tutorials for setting up Eclipse to work with Maya. So I won’t be covering that. Instead I have a tip for automatically opening a port to the IDE...

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