Austin Baker

Career Summary

I have more than a decade of experience as a Producer, Animator and Artist. As the Lead Animator and Animation Producer for AAA titles, I handled all budgets and schedules, managed teams and facilitated sharing of technology. Following that, I co-founded an indie game studio where I was both the Director of Technical Art and Animation and the Executive Producer, managing outsourcers, project schedules and budgets using scrum.


– Producing: Expert
– Agile/Scrum: Advanced
– Rigging: Expert
– Team Management: Expert
– Programming: Advanced
– Animation/Character Pipeline: Expert
– Animation/Character Tools: Expert
– Technical Animation: Expert
– Animation: Expert
– Motion Capture: Advanced
– Modeling: Advanced
– Game Design: Advanced


Maya | Mudbox | XSI | 3DS Max | Lightwave | After Effects | Premiere | Flash | Inkscape | Photoshop | Unity | Unreal Engine 3 | Frostbite | ANT


Javascript | VBScript | Python | MEL | Pymel | C# | Maya API


Bachelor of Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Computer Animation, Kansas City Art Institute


Raven Software_____01/2014~

Senior Technical Animator

Panic Volcanic, LLC_____11/2009 – 08/2012

Co-founder & Director of Technical Art and Animation

– Principal of studio; part of all business decisions
– Creative principal; shared responsibility for project decisions and management
– Design and develop character rigs
– Design and develop tools to improve art and animation workflows
– Design and develop animation and art pipeline
– Establish art and animation styles
– Create art and animation

Executive Producer

– Worked with clients on project goals, schedule, and budget
– Managed projects using scrum and kanban
– Managed outsourcers
– Manage and alleviate risks

EA Pandemic____08/2008 – 11/2009

Lead Technical Animator on Mercenaries Incorporated & Mercenaries 3

– Evaluate and choose animation technology for both projects
– Establish pipeline for new animation technology
– Design, develop and support all animation tools for both projects
– Design and develop procedural rigging solutions for both projects
– Envelope all characters
– Train animators to use animation tools and technology
– Document animation tools and processes
– Prototype game mechanics in collaboration with programmers and designers

Lead Animator on Mercenaries 3

– Establish animation style
– Mentor, train and manage a large team of animators
– Prototype game mechanics in collaboration with programmers and designers

Animation Producer on Mercenaries 3

– Switch animation team to scrum and kanban
– Schedule and track tasks, plan budgets
– Establish sharing of animation technology between projects and teams
– Manage and alleviate risks

Bioware/Pandemic____01/2005 – 08/2008

Lead AnimatorLead Tech Animator & Animation Producer on Mercenaries 2

– Establish a company-wide character rig and animation sharing system
– Envelope all characters
– Create animation tools to enhance workflow
– Design and prototype animation mechanics
– Collaborate with engineering on the design of a next-generation animation system
– Manage team of animators; produce, critique, problem solve, and mentor
– Direct and schedule motion capture shoots
– Create pipeline for implementing mocap in game
– Schedule and track tasks, plan budgets, manage outsourcing
– Managed and alleviate risks

Pandemic Studios____02/2005 – 04/2005

Contributing Animation Lead on Destroy All Humans!

– Manage remote cinematic animation team

Game Developers Conference____03/2005

Session Co-Presenter

– Presented tools, workflow, rigging, and animation pipeline improvements developed for Mercenaries

Siggragh Softimage Users’ Group____08/2004


– Presented original animation tools created for development of Mercenaries

Pandemic Studios____12/2002 – 01/2005

Lead AnimatorTechnical Animator & Animation Producer on Mercenaries

– Create character rigging
– Create animation tools
– Envelope all characters
– Create lead character animations
– Manage team of animators; produce, critique, problem solve, mentor
– Schedule and track tasks, plan budgets, manage outsourcing
– Manage and alleviate risks